Let’s start STEM young

Women represent negligible in the fields of computing and programming in Nepal and many countries across the globe. Research conducted by different countries have concluded the existence of gender stereotypes build in young minds has drawn them away from STEM. While many attempts are conducted to make the workplace women-friendly, we cannot ignore start the campaigns from root causes from where the divide starts.

Stereotypes like girls are not good at maths and science, girls are not as smart as boys and many more are passed on from generations to generations in our family, society, schools and the environment. These are not intentional instead they are sometimes cultural and social acceptance. Unknowingly we are treating our girl child differently. We as an aware people can change our mindset and start doing small things to close the existing gender gap. From letting our young ones choose their own toys, providing them to play with computers and hardware to make her feel she’s no lesser there’s many more we can do

Enrolling her into STEM education from school, play with legos and Arduino or simple computer games promotes her creativity and innovation and inspires to pursue STEM-related careers in the future. This develops logic making, ideas on how the computer programs and hardware functions and drive to design and build their imaginations.

Author: Binita Shrestha

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